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Day Retreat

This month Day Retreat will be on the Sunday, February 28, 2016. Ko Kyaw Aung and Ma Thaw’s family will donate lunch to the yogis
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New Year Celebration on 3 January 2016 donated by U Tha Kyi & Family, U Kyaw Aung & Family and U Aung Win & Family

Summary of Dhamma talk on Sunday, 3 January 2016 is the following:

Lord Buddha said that making a donation and going to a war are similar: To make the donation successfully, donor has to remove greed (loba) and attachment (tanna) to donated item and similarly, to win the war, soldier has to remove his fear.

Donating can kill a lot of mental defilement: greed, anger, stinginess, and jealousy. When donating, the donor’s mind has no greed or attachment to the donated item. Once he has no attachment to the donated item, he will not have any anger to the recipient of the donated item, he will not be stingy and he will not be jealous of what the recipient will do to the donated item. When the donor’s mind is clear of the defilement (kilesa), it can lead to enlightenment (nirvana).

When the Buddha was alive, the couple called E-ka-tha-ra-ka husband and wife had only one overcoat to share for events to attend. If the husband wears the overcoat to an event, the wife has to say home or vice versa. One day, the husband wore it to a Buddha’s Dhamma Talk. While listening to the Buddha’s, his mind urged him to donate the coat. At the time, there was a tug of war in his mind whether he should donate it to the Buddha or not. If he donates it, his wife cannot wear it any more. Finally, he succeeded in cutting attachment to it and decided to donate it to Buddha.  He then shouted, “I’ve won”. When the king Kawsala who was in the audience overheard him shouting “I’ve won”, he asked why he shouted like that. He then explained about it in detail. He won over his greed and attachment to the coat and he could donate to the Buddha now. The king then realized that winning the inner greed or defilement (winning yourself) was much better than winning things outside of yourself. He then gave the man many gifts including an appointment to be a head of local government.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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2016 New Year celebration!

U Kyaw Aung & Family, U Tha Kyi & Family and Ko Aung Win & Family cordially invite you and your loved ones to the New Year celebration on Sunday, the 3rd of January 2016. Continue reading

Kahtina robe offering ceremony, sponsored by Daw Su Su and family in the memory of late beloved husband, Jurgen Schmidt

The summary of Dhamma Talk on 15 November 2015:

Sayadaw U Sanda explained the recipient of the donation of Kahtina robe, the benefits of the Kathina robe offering and the history of the offering.

Only members of the Sanga who stayed at one particular place during the whole three months of Buddhist lent can receive the donation of robes. Celebration of Ka-hti-na robe offering ceremony must be observed only once at one particular monastery within one month of period from Tha-din-gyut to Ta-za-bong. Both recipients and donors get five kinds of benefits. Buddha allowed the robe offering because of 30 princes of Pa-Ta-Va-Ti, who were sons of King Kaw-Sa-La.

One day, the 30 princes, in the forest, were in search of the girl who stole their valuables when they were drunken sleepy. Buddha met them there and showed them the right way of searching: they should not search the girl but they should search themselves within. As they were all ripe in their perfection (Pa-Ya-Me), they searched within and found the true nature of mind and matter. Then, they attained Arahantship. We should also follow their suits in search of the true nature of mind and matter and escape from the cycle of rebirth. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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