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January 14, 2018 Dhamma Discussion

This month Dhamma talk event donors are Ko Blake Lee, Ma San Mya Soe, and family on Sunday, January 14, 2018.

As our venerable U Sanda is away, there will be no formal Dhamma talk. However there will be an informal Dhamma discussion as our donors’ requests. Therefore, please come prepare to share some Buddha’s Dhamma teachings with us for our daily life ONLY IF you’d wish. Continue reading

January 1, 2018 Donation

On Monday, January 1, 2018, Dr. Khin Khin Oo, Dr. Tun Zan Maung and family will donate lunch to all attendees in the memories of their late mother, Dr. Daw Nan Oo who passed away last year . You and your loved ones are cordially invited to the event.Continue reading

This Month’s Dhamma Talk

You and your loved ones are cordially invited, for wholesome merit (Kuso), to the Dhamma Talk event which will be held on Sunday, December 10, 2017.  Tan Family will donate lunch to the attendees.

The event agenda is the following.

Place: Manawmaya Theravada Buddhist Society (MTBS)
13260 108th Ave Surrey BC
(604) 951-9054

11:00 a.m. – Offering lunch to the resident monk (Sayadaw)
11:05 a.m. – Offering lunch, “Chinese styled noodle in gluey pork soup (Kaw-ye-kyaut-swe” to all attendees
12:30 p.m. – Taking five precepts
12:35 p.m. – Listening to Sayadaw’s Dhamma Talk
1:35 p.m. – Q & A session
2:00 p.m. – Announcement

Food for both body and mind are free-of-charge. All are welcome.

There are many opportunities for you to get wholesome merit (Kuso):
1. by attending the event and listening to the Dhamma talk;
2. by bringing a small dish for the Sayadaw’s lunch;
3. by helping cooking volunteers one day before (if any); and/or
4. by laying the tables and chairs for all attendees and well-wishers one day before the event, taking them down and doing clean-up after the event.

Ka-hti-na robe offering event on October 29, 2017

We are going to celebrate Ka-hti-na robe offering event on October 29, 2017.

Our main donor for the celebration is New World Printing and Family in the memory of their late beloved father, U Maung Tin (Also Known As) Mr. Ko You Chwan.

As you know that the Buddha allows only members of the Sangha who have stayed at one particular place during the whole three months of Buddhist lent to receive donation of robes. Celebration of Ka-hti-na robe offering ceremony can be observed only once at one particular monastery within one-month period from full-moon day of Tha-din-gyut to full-moon day of Da-zaung-mone.Continue reading

Summary of the Dhamma talk September 10, 2017

Summary of Dhamma talk on September 10, 2017 is those who practise Dhamma, the Dhamma will look after and take good care of them: the Dhamma will give them comfortable lives, protect from being woeful existence, courage to face any challenges and eventually lead them to Nibbana (Nirvana). So, we should practise the Dhamma daily.





Continue reading

Sayadaw U Sanda’s Donation

In the memory of beloved parents and teachers with enormous gratitude, Sayadaw U Sanda will donate food for both body and mind on Sunday, September 10, 2017.

You and your loved ones are cordially invited to the event for wholesome merit (Kuso).Continue reading

Reflections form 2017 WASO Robe Offering Ceremony

We should know the benefits of offering robes to the members of the Sangha. We also should put their mind and heart on the offering while doing so.

Continue reading

Second 2017 MTBS Food Fair

We are going to have the second Burmese (Myanmar) Food Fair on Sunday, August 13, 2017.

Place: MTBS
13260 108th Ave Surrey BC
(604) 951-9054

Time:  10:00 a.m. –  12:30 p.m.

We have the following list of food and vendors for the fair.

  1. Dan Pauk (Bryani rice) by Ma Yin Yin Ohn;
  2. Chin Baung Gyaw (Cooked sour leaves); Pe Pyoak (Steamed bean), Nge-pi-kyaw (Burmese Ba-la-chong), and Pe Poak Kyaw (Deep fried Shan bean),  Fish sauce with tomato by Daw Shwe Sein;
  3. Thin Baw Thee Htaung (Papaya salad) by Nang Yin Tip;
  4. To Fu + Pe Gyaw (Deep fried bean) by Aunty Nu;
  5. Mote-hin-gar (Burmese rice noodle in fish soup) by U Tun Aung Kyaw;
  6. Pa Zun Kywat Kyaw (Deep fried stuffed shrimp salad) by New World printing family;
  7. Various deep fry (Appetizers) by Daw Mar Lay and Daw Lily;
  8. Nan Gyi Thoke (Big rice noodle salad) by Daw San Thawda Kyaing; and
  9. Others.

If you would like to participate in the event as a vendor, please kindly let Sayadaw U Sanda know at (604) 951-9054, Ko Tun Aung Kyaw at (604) 582 5459 or email at mtbscanada@gmail.com what you would sell.