Offering rain retreat robes to the Sanghas on 17 July 2016

Today’s Dhamma talk summary is that we should try to be mindful of what is happening inside of ourselves without a failure. With the mindfulness, one’s evil mind should be controlled and one’s meritorious mind should be nurtured.

Ka-hti-na robe offering ceremony on November 6, 2016

The summary of today’s Dhamma talk is that we should be aware of the bad effects of “jealousy” and “stinginess” and not to be holding  them to be free from sufferings.

Silver Jubilee Celebration of MTBS on December 11, 2016

The summary of today’s Dhamma, shared by venerable monks, board of directors as well as audience is we should do more Dhamma.  Without the Dhamma, all physical material things including money and golden temple are useless. We should put the Buddha Dhamma into practice in our daily lives. We have reached a milestone of 25 years because of our united strength, co-operation, sacrifices, wisdom and interdependence that we should keep them for many generations to come. We also give all organizing and founding members acknowledgement certificates. Sadhu! Sadhu!