Reflections form 2017 WASO Robe Offering Ceremony

We should know the benefits of offering robes to the members of the Sangha. We also should put their mind and heart on the offering while doing so.

There are three causes of losing things from our possession: 1. By donating them, 2. By using them for ourselves and 3. By something out of our control that include natural and man-made disasters like fire, flood, theft and government.

Buddha praises the first cause most because donating seems to be losing things from our possession but it never go to waste. Among 4 big religions, Hinduism and Buddhism believe in Karma: if we do good things, we will get good things. If we do bad things, we will get bad things. When we are donating things, we should be mindful on the donation that is good deed or Kuso. As our mind and heart is on the good deed, good karmic energy will stay in our mind and heart that will come back to you.

The 2nd cause is we spend things for ourselves that is not that bad because we enjoy them and get some benefits.

The 3rd cause is that things are gone automatically from us because of our bad karmic energy.

That’s why we all should build up our good karmic energy by doing good deeds.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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