Brief History

The Manawmaya Theravada Buddhist Society was founded by a group of elders from the Myanmar Community who realized that, with the growing number of people in the community , it was essential to have a place of worship according to the Myanmar Buddhist Sect. Hence, a meeting was held by the Myanmar community and the Society was incorporated on March 14, 1991 in Vancouver according to the Religious Societies Act and the Constitution laid down by the Government of Canada.

The Board of Directors was formed by election and there were eleven Board Members, thirty three life members and thirty six annual members to begin with.

When the Society was first established it did not have enough funds to establish a proper place for a monastery. Hence, the Myanmar community joined the Sri Lankan Buddhist Society and together rented a house and founded the first Myanmar /Sri Lankan Monastery .for one year. The residing monk was U PyinnyawBaTha.

MTBS Monastery in Surrey, BC, Canada

In 1993, the Manawmaya Theravada Buddhist Society was able to raise enough funds to buy a house and establish a monastery of its own.

Then again in 2002 it was able to buy a church in a religious zone. Now, it is firmly established in a proper religious zone at 13260-108 Avenue, Surrey B.C. V3T 2J6 with two monks, U Pyinnyaw BaTha who is away in Australia and U Sanda who is currently residing at the monastery.

Now with the increase in the community the members have also increased and there have been many religious activities and regular meditation sessions every week the whole year round.

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