Dhamma talk on Buddha Day celebration on May 7, 2017













Summary of the May 7, 2017 Dhamma talk is the following:

In Buddhism, there are four kinds of (Sukha) bliss or contentment:

  1. The enlightenment of the Buddha is blissful because the Buddha gives us wisdom or light to see what is wrong & what is right, which way leads to woeful lives & which way leads to not woeful lives, and which way is to continue the Samsara (cycle of rebirths) & which way is to Nirvana or the permanent cessation of Samsara (cycle of rebirths).
  2. The chance to listen and practice the Buddha’s teachings and to become a better person is blissful because the teachings show us a way to abstain from doing harmful things to ourselves as well as others and to do good deeds mentally, verbally and physically.
  3. All people live in harmony and at peace is blissful. It is very clear that if people from all walks of live love and cherish each other and live in harmony, there will not be any kind of war.
  4. Burning out all Kilesa (mental impurity) is blissful. Kilesas are mental states that cloud the mind and manifest in unwholesome actions. Fire is to be extinguished by cold water. Anger is be dealt with tolerance, loving kindness and compassion. Greed is to be cured by giving (donation). Delusion is to be eliminated by wisdom. Doing merit brings good and agreeable results. For example, giving (donation) happens only if you overcome your stinginess and attachment to the item you are giving away. You burn out your stinginess and attachment to the item. In other word, you burn out your Kilesa. Giving tolerance, loving kindness and compassion to others happens only if you extinguish your anger, which is a Kilesa. Similarly, wisdom to see things clearly and correctly happens only if you eliminate your delusion which is a Kilesa. .


Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


May all beings see Dhamma and be peaceful!

MTBS Food Fair, Sunday, June 11, 2017

We are going to have a Burmese Food Fair on Sunday, the 11th of June 2017. All the proceeds from the food sales will go to Thirimingalar Monastery in Myanmar.

Place: MTBS

13260 108th Ave Surrey BC

(604) 951-9054

Time:  10:00 a.m. –  1:30 p.m.

So far, we have the following list of food and vendors for the fair.

  1. Samosa by Nang San;
  2. Mote Kywe The by Oi;
  3. Dan Pauk (Bryani rice) by Ma Yin Yin Ohn;
  4. Chin Baung Gyaw (Cooked sour leaves); Pe Pyoak (Steamed bean), Nge-pi-kyaw (Burmese Ba-la-chong), and Pe Poak Kyaw (Deep fried Shan bean),  Fish sauce with tomato by Daw Shwe Sein;
  5. Thin Baw Thee Htaung (Papaya salad) by Nang Yin Tip;
  6. To Fu + Pe Gyaw (Deep fried bean) by Aunty Nu;
  7. Mote-hin-gar (Burmese rice noodle in fish soup) by Ko Tun Aung Kyaw;
  8. Pa Zun Kywat Kyaw (Deep fried stuffed shrimp) by New World printing family;
  9. Various deep fry (Appetizers) by Daw Mar Lay and Daw Lily;
  10. Nan Gyi Thoke (Big rice noodle salad) by Ko Thant Hlaing & Ma Soe Soe Min;
  11. Hta-ma-ne (Black sticky rice) by Daw Ohnma Han;
  12. Yellow sticky rice + Shwe Yin Aye (Assorted flavoured cold drink) by Daw Khin Khin Oo;
  13. Chicken curry by Ko Saw Myint Oo and Ma Hnin;
  14. Mote Hpet Htoat (Steamed wrapped rice) by Hla Nu Phyu and Hla Nu Yin; and
  15. Others.

If you are not selling anything, you can just simply participate as a customer. We however, sincerely urge you to come early to get what you want. Or else, you will be disappointed when they are sold out. Past experience indicates that food were sold way before the closing time.

If you would like to participate in the event as a vendor, please kindly let Sayadaw U Sanda know at (604) 951-9054, Ko Tun Aung Kyaw at (604) 582 5459 or email at mtbscanada@gmail.com what you would sell.